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I’m up extra early this morning, and will be for as long as I can forsee. I start a new job today and said goodbye to my last one of 2.5 years yesterday. It’s always scary starting something new, but the decisions we make are what define us, what help us grow and evolve, so I took the chance when it was offered. It was a pretty restless sleep last night, so I’m hoping my hour and a half commute (each way) won’t find me dozing. Anyway, the type this week is all about this new chapter/change happening today in my life..starting fresh and a bittersweet farewell to where and who I was before.


Just finished this project, and I’m super excited to share! The Dueling Mixers is a new cupcake shop concept based around a dueling theme..below you’ll find the logo, collateral, menu details and website splash and home page.