some random type from a random week..


I’ve cataloged the emotions that went with all of this,
kept on a shelf,
in an organized mess.

acid reflux

a pounding punch of veins bunched
in a chest full of breaths taken away.
one million beats,

stolen the same.

a distracted pup:

a non distracted pup…

current work vs. life relationship/friendship/balance

some fun with hair..

Thinking about my childhood, playing outside in the country of upstate NY close to this time of year around all of the pine trees that surrounded our house. I couldn’t go inside for the night without having sap sticking to my palms/fingers/knees from a full day spent around them. As far behind me as they are, just thinking about those scrubbing frustrations brings me back instantly. Who knew something so simple as smelly, sticky, painfully hard to erase sap could stick so well…

“A collection of moments in a fragile arrangement of dying cells”
-Nick Harmer

drinking cardboard coffee again this week, from a half degradable, coffee shop seat.

Jet Fuel

Sadly sewn heart-made patches
tightly hold onto their corduroy coats.
Covering holes made by stick-wood matches,
face flame retardant linens, set to burn